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Updated: Mar 29

Still life with shells, porcelain, and glass vessels. Photo by J. Franks, 2016.

This photos arrives from years of collecting and dsiplaying the type of useful and beautiful objects one finds in 17th-century Dutch still lifes. From humble to refined objects, the impression here is one of informal immediacy. Flowers are placed loosely in a large, round contemporary glass vase exhibiting a maker's seal (of the kind found on wine bottles centuries ago). A piece of vintage green Venetian glass (Roemer) hides behind an English stoneware oval plate with linen and French silver knife. The orange is peeled with its skin cascading in a spiral one finds in late 17th-century depictions. The French stoneware tureen is a chippy family heirloom. Collections / objects layered in time, material, and geography make well-rounded compositions.

Original Post: January 10, 2016

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