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Updated: Mar 29

Italian white porcelain tray, Dutch glass on Indian brass stand, rare 18th-century French silver-gilt spoon, French stoneware jug, and Fortum and Mason tea. Photo by J.Franks, 2020.

This photo captures a design philosophy of beauty, simplicity, and function, which may necessitate a yearly sorting of possessions. Such a spring cleaning might include the re-evaluation of collections, asking whether they are still loved, used and/or bring pleasure to one's life. Anything that does not serve in this regard may be let go, whether sold to finance other collection objects or donated to someone who will appreciate the objects(s) more. We completed such a yearly process prior the lock down of our city due to the pandemic. As we are now home with loved ones, we are reminded that domestic comforts can sometimes ease heavy burdens and are thankful for the opportunity to be safe at home.

Original Post: March 29, 2020

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